Thousands of Memories

written by Michael Castillo


1.    Iíve got thousands of memories swelling inside of me

Hope I can pick which oneís right

And inside of all of them I see my history, swaying before my own eyes

Like the light in the darkness thatís sought to be found

or the crystal clear waters that come from the ground

The gravity keeping my feet here right now

It astounds me, it astounds me

My memories how they have found meÖ


2.    Take a moment of silence, to hear your thoughts echoing loudlyÖ

Take a moment of quiet, your memories shot and rebounding


3.    Iíve got lots of anxiety, growing inside of me, waiting for something to happen

But since nothingís occurring that seems very stirring

Iíll sit here and continue clapping

Cheering on the thoughts of my life, waiting for just the right time

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The people I find that I love here right now, they will help me, they will help me! (X3)

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