The Drifter

written by Michael Castillo


Well right from the beginning…He was always there with me.

He was with me as a child…and He was with me in my teens.

And He was always there to pick me up…whenever I was feeling down.

And He sent me on a journey…one that Him and I had found.



With the fruit of the Spirit and the clothes on my back

And the Word that I read Elohim blesses me

While I walk on the road of the righteous and true

While I walk on the road that leads unto Yahweh...


Well I guess you call it driftin’… cuz that’s what it means to me

I love going places everywhere…spreading news about the King.

Well I need not worry ‘bout supplies…cuz I’ve realized in heart and mind

He is always there providing me…so I will never be in any need…so…




Well I realize it’s been many years…and I’m getting much, much older

But with every breath that I have left…I will do this over and over…


I’m going to take the fruit of the Spirit… and the clothes on my back

And the Word that I shall always read…Yah I thank you for loving me…

While I was a drifter.