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What It Means To Walk In The Spirit  (1 hr. 6 min. 35 sec.) H. Castillo  

One of the most common beliefs among many people is that the Spirit of our Heavenly Father has done away with his very word (Laws) etc. This message will explain that nothing can be further from the truth. Similarly it will teach us about what the Spirit is and how it is working in our lives. Understanding this is very important for any sincere follower of the Way of Truth! 



Passover: Yahshua Is The Reason For The Season (40 min 13sec) R. Castillo      

The intent of our walk is for us to convert our fleshly minds into spiritual thoughts and understandings; this can only be done by the grace of our Heavenly Father, our commitment and obedience. This message reminds us that to grow in the spirit we must have a fervent mind for the things of our Heavenly Father. We must allow Him to convert us through His Word and we must avoid involving ourselves in the things of this world. 


Cause and Affect in Scripture  (29 min 30 sec) W. Wilkinson    

The Scriptures teach us that to everything we do there are positive and negative consequences; blessings and curses. When we focus on the things of our Creator we benefit from his blessings, when we don't we are apart from his blessings and his peace. Brother Wayne reminds us to stay focused on the words of our Heavenly Father and not on the "stuff," material good of this world.   



Growing in the Spirit  (54 min 10 sec) H. Castillo

The intent of our walk is for us to convert our fleshly minds into spiritual thoughts and understandings; this can only be done by the grace of our Heavenly Father, our commitment and obedience. This message reminds us that to grow in the spirit we must have a fervent mind for the things of our Heavenly Father. We must allow Him to convert us through His Word and we must avoid involving ourselves in the things of this world.            


The Tree of Knowledge  (48 min 8 sec) D. Wilson

For those of us who ever wondered about the Tree of knowledge that was given to humanity in the Garden of Eden; this message is for you. You will find this to be very interesting and challenging message  to those that have had a conventional understanding about what the Tree of Knowledge really was.  


On Spiritual Gifts  (1 hr. 29 min 8 sec) R. Castillo

On spiritual Gifts is a wonderful message that reminds us about the importance of recognizing that we all have spiritual abilities which do and must enhance our families, assemblies and most importantly our relationship with our maker. 


Under the Law or under Grace? (part II)  (47 min 5 sec) M. Herren

In this message, being the second part to the message noted below, our brother Mike reaches deeper into the scriptures and challenges the argument that the Law is done away with. This message will clarify some of Paul's statements regarding the Law and you will be able to understand how Paul saw the Law. 


Under the Law Or Under Grace? (part I)  (25 min 28 sec) M. Herren

A popular saying among many people is "We are not under the Law but under grace!" The intended message here of course is that the idea of receiving "grace" is a New Testament phenomena and not found or given in the Old Testament. Nothing can be further from the truth! The fact is that the idea of being under grace is found and established in the Old Testament. In other words, in the Old Testament we find a balance between 'receiving grace' and living an 'orderly  life' (law). This message clarifies the misunderstanding that people have about what Paul was really talking about. It will help you understand that what was established in the Old Testament continues to this day. In other words, the words of our savior "I came not to do away with the law..." Matt 5:17 are really true, despite of what people are being taught in this day and age.   


The Torah: Defined  (1 hr 4 min 8 sec) H. Castillo

Most people have been wrongly taught that the Torah is "the first five books of the Bible" sometimes called the 'Decalogue'.  This message will clarify and define exactly what the Scriptures mean when they use the word Torah. Although most people translate Torah as "Law" this definition does not really justify the true meaning of what Torah means. This message sits on the plate of being real meat for those who want to advance their scriptural studies and it will be something new to most of you. 


Understanding The Hebrew Mindset  (1 hr. 12 min) M. Herren

In this message our brother Mike teaches us about the importance in understanding the Hebrew mindset. For one thing we know that those that wrote the Bible, especially those who wrote the Old Testament spoke and had a Hebrew mindset. Their culture and the way they saw the world was completely different than the way that the Greek's saw their world. This is important because Greek theology has permeated our western mindset and it has affected the way that we see the Scriptures. It would be also important to remember that those that lived during the New Testament era also had a culture surrounded around the Hebrew mindset. 


 Love YHWH With All Your Heart   (29 min 08 sec) W. Wilkinson

This message is based on  the Jewish prayer call the "Shema"; this Jewish prayer is based out of Deut. 6:4. Recognizing that YHWH is the only Might One is something that even the Messiah taught when he walked on this earth. This message will teach the importance of adopting and accepting the thought that YHWH is the only mighty one on this earth and the fact that our Messiah was sent to save us.  


Do You Love Me?  (29 min 25 sec) W. Wilkinson

Everyone claims that they Love the creator; but what do the Scriptures say about how we demonstrate our love to Him? This message will help us understand what it really means to love and what me must do to demonstrate that love. Brother Wayne reminds us that our Father's love cannot be bought, sold or traded. Our Heavenly Father gives us His love for free and all we have to do is uncover it, return to it and cherish it.   


"Separation (10 min 25 sec ) M. Castillo  

This analysis of separation from a young man's perspective is an excellent study for anybody that thinks that we can be of Yahweh and walk in the ways of the world.  True success in life depends on our daily walk with Yahweh and following the ways of Yahshua. Life without the Savior leads to death but life with Yahshua leads to the resurrection. 


Freedom Knowledge and the Torah  (59 min 27 sec ) H. Castillo  

"Torah" is a Hebrew word that is generally rendered 'Law' in the English. This has caused much confusion in the English speaking world about what the Torah really is. This message will challenge you to think outside the box and to adopt a Hebraic mindset so that you can put yourself in the shoes of those that wrote the Scriptures. Thereby opening your mind up to understand what they wrote, thought and how they saw their world and their surroundings. 


Ten Witnesses to Yahshua's Sinless Life  (8 min 32 sec ) M. Castillo  

It is commonly believed across the religious sector that our Savior lived a sinless life. In this short message, our young teacher, reminds us that our savior was perfect in every way and it is our responsibility to strive for that perfection in our lives! In truth, striving to be the best in obedience, understanding and love is not a recommendation but a must for all true believers.   


True Love Equals Obedience (36 min 07 sec ) H. Castillo  

During the Christmas season we get a lot of pressure from the media to buy gifts for, as they put it, "those that you love". The psychological warfare perpetrated by the media has worked so well that millions of people connect the buying of material things with the action of loving their family. The Bible on the other hand teaches us that 'True Love' comes from obedience to our Heavenly Father! This message discusses the fact that according to Scripture we demonstrate our love for one another when we are obedient to our Father. Furthermore it reminds us that through the Bible our Father commands his people to abstain from pagan influences. 


The Parable of the Sower  (1 Hr 1 min 51 sec) D. Wilson  

This very well known parable has been presented and understood in various ways.  Our brother Dwayne takes an approach which connects the sowing of seed to the sowing of people. Our brother discusses the fact that our Heavenly Father has sown us in our families and in our world (environment). Therefore since we want to be good seeds we must live our lives so that we can sow good relationships with our family, friends and loved ones. The fruit of our spiritual growth must be manifested and demonstrated by living lives that are geared by the word (watering) of our Heavenly Father and our Master Yahshua!   


A Friend of Our Maker  (36 min 26 sec ) R. Castillo  

Being a friend of Our Heavenly Father and Savior Yahshua takes a lot of commitment on our part. Being a true friend requires trust, caring and honesty. The Scriptures teach us that we can be a friend of our Heavenly Father if we are trusting and obedient to His word and if we live lives that emulate our Savior's. This is a good message because it reminds us that we all have the ability to have a Friend that will never let us down; one that will help us in tough times, who does not discriminate nor stereotype and His words are always true. Let us all seek to have a Friend that will always be there for us!     


You Don't have to be right to be right!  (34 min 35 sec) K. Wilson  

This message is a human relations lesson for all of us! Brother Keith reminds us that the most appropriate ways to communicate with one another requires patience, love and the ability to give advice or to criticize in a positive way. Anybody that is looking to improve their relationships will benefit from hearing and applying Keith's lessons. 


Day of Atonement (2008)  (50 min 32 sec) M. Herren

"Yom Kippur" The Day of Atonement, is considered to be one of the Holiest Days of the Scriptural year; our brother Mike Herren teaches us about the connection between this Day, the Ark of the Covenant and our Messiah.    


Raising Righteous Children  (13 min 30 sec) J. Lamb

Raising children is tough business; particularly in this material world. The lusts of the world, violence and sex is aimed at our children from ever angle. That is why it is important that our children learn of the righteous ways at an early age. But teaching them is best done when the parents lead by an example. This message will remind you that if we who are parents want to raise righteous and dedicated children, we must be their primary example. We must uphold moral lives, speak kind words and walk in the ways of the Scriptures.  


Repentance for the Wicked and the Believer  (41 min 42 sec) M. Herren

The message of repentance to the sinner is a popular one; however we sometimes forget that even the believer has to engage in a lifestyle of repentance. This message reminds us that repentance should be looked upon as a lifestyle and that we need to master all the facets of our lives towards righteousness. From the words that we speak to the way that we behave it must all be guided by a life of Torah. Our Master Yahshua was the perfect example, he paved the way so we could follow.   


Create In Me A Clean Heart  (13 min 12 sec) R. Castillo

This is a short but powerful message; the importance of having a clean heart before our Heavenly Father cannot be underrated! The goal of the Messiah is to purify us  through his life and resurrection. It is up to us however to walk in such a way that shows others our pure heart! In essence, a clean heart and righteous actions go hand in hand.   


Torah Before Mount Sinai  (15 min 17 sec) W. Wilkinson

Many people think that the commandments (teaching) were first given to Moses on Mount Sinai. This is simply not true! This message albeit brief, will clarify that the commandments were understood by the patriarchs long before the Exodus and that they continue to hold value even to this day.  


Stay Out Of Egypt  (26 min 39 sec) M. Herren

As any deep Scriptural student knows, many of the Scriptural messages that are given in the Bible are two fold. The message of 'staying out of Egypt' is such a message. This message will present the scriptural concept that once you come out of sin (Egypt) you are no longer to return to it. 


The Confession Of Faith  (55 min 13 sec) H. Castillo

Romans 10:9 seems to indicate that all you have to do is to 'verbally' declare that you believe and that salvation will be granted unto you. This idea is a Greek mythological idea and it is not what the disciples were teaching during their life time. This message will teach you about what Romans 10:9 really means and how the confession of faith is tied into Salvation.


Walk With The Spirit (32 min  06 sec) M. Herren

Are you considering a Biblical lifestyle? This message will teach you about how the Spirit of our Father works in our lives and how the spirit leads us to righteousness. When we walk by the spirit we won't carry out the desires of the flesh!


Loving The Name Of The Savior  (54 min 52 sec) H. Castillo

It is sad that the most important Name given among men is not known by the masses. This Name has been ignored, avoided and simply not taught by most ministers. Any individual that is seeking for truth in all things will be rewarded and will appreciate this message.  Our Savior's true Name is important because it describes his purpose, characteristics and full prophetic fulfillment! In essence our Savior is the link that connects us to our Heavenly Father; his Name is a very strong connection and it should not be denied. 


  Are We A Cult  (50min 9sec) H. Castillo

Many people think that our beliefs are cultish because they don't line up with what most churches teach. However when you compare what some churches teach to what the Bible says, it doesn't take long to realize that their are some major disparities.  This message presents our most basic beliefs in a way that will enhance the understanding of any good Bible student. Furthermore it clearly points out some of the disparities that some churches are teaching their members. 


A Brief Look At Baptism  (19min 41sec)  M. Herren

Is the Spirit of Yahweh moving you to receive the Baptism of salvation [restoration]? Perhaps  you have already been baptized and you need a reminder of what your immersion meant? In either case, our brother Mike does a great job of reminding us just how important immersion really is. He reminds us that without it we cannot enter the covenant governed by our Savior Yahshua! Although this message is brief in nature, it does a great job of covering the basics of baptism and reminds us that at baptism all of our sins are washed away. (visit our articles page for an article on baptism) 


  Victory Over Battles (30min 20sec) D. Wilson

Do some of your personal battles seem so difficult that you want to give up? This message clarifies that if you have confidence in our Heavenly Father your battles are won before they even begin. Therefore we must remain steadfast and be faithful to Him. We must trust and believe that when we walk with Him we will be victorious despite how difficult our battles might seem. Our brother Dwayne encourages us to have faith and to know that our battles are already won! 


The Twelve Gates Of New Jerusalem   (34min. 17 sec) H. Castillo

Have you ever wondered what the twelve gates of New Jerusalem signify? It is important for us to know why they have the names of the twelve tribes of Israel and of the twelve disciples. More importantly we need to know through what gate we can enter. This message will explain all of that; furthermore it will clarify how our earthly father, Abraham, who is not an Israelite will enter New Jerusalem.  


Repentance  (22min. 33sec) H. Castillo

One of the steps we must take to restore a damaged relationship is to seek forgiveness when we offend or when we sin. Brother Hector reminds us that when we sin it is necessary that we go before our maker and that we seek His forgiveness. He encourages us to believe in forgiveness and that we change our way of life so it conforms to the Scriptures.


What Does It Mean To Be A Christian?  (35min. 42sec) H. Castillo

This message clarifies exactly what the Bible teaches about what it means to be a Christian.  Understanding what it means to be a Christian, will help us to better understand the plan of salvation and the kind of understanding the disciples had when they were called Christians. (visit our articles for the written copy)


Sin and Satan  (26 min. 44 sec.) H. Castillo

Have you ever wondered why Satan exists? This message reminds us that Satan's job is two fold. Brother Hector encourages us to live righteous lives and to always aspire for things above and not for things on this earth. 


Yeast and Sin  (17 min. 03 sec.) M. Herren

Although this message was given during the Feast of Unleavened Bread, it is truly a message for all time. Our dear brother Michael reminds us that we must continually examine our lives to make sure that we have gotten rid of the yeast in our lives. The yeast of course referring to sin; Michael reminds us that a little sin builds up and that it will ultimately destroy us. He reminds us to commit our lives to our Savior Yahshua!


Abstain From Fraud   (26 min. 31 sec.) M.  Banak

We live in a world where fraud is so common we hardly notice it. Brother Michael

encourages us to examine our lives and to rid ourselves of any personal or 

collateral fraud that may exist in our lives. After discussing scriptural examples of 

fraud he presents us with thought provoking and practical advise. He reminds us that we are commanded to be clean in our inward parts and that we must rid ourselves of any fraudulent behavior. 


 Only Serve One Master (7 min. 53 sec.) M.  Castillo

This 14 yr. old servant of Yahshua teaches us that it is important to only worship 

One Master. He reminds us of the calamities that will befall on those who follow

the ways of Satan [Adversary]. Therefore he encourages and exhorts us to serve only our Father Yahweh, through our Savior Yahshua. 


Be Freed From Bondage  (28 min. 44 sec.) J. Wilson

Brother Jonny talks about the consequences to living an immoral and sinful life. More importantly he tells us what we must do to stop sinning and free ourselves of addictions and other sinful behavior.