Here and There

written by Michael Castillo

I was there on the hilltop, watching the sunset, ‘til it goes down, I’ll be on my knees.

While the trees were above me, and the leaves were blowing lovely,

it was caused by the dancing of the breeze.

And while I was there I questioned things I didn’t know…

Like how, how did this come to be, creativeness that I see, here in my life

Speaking of that, what do I do in the end, when the wisdom’s all gone?

Can it be all gone?

I was back on the pathway, from which I had just came, to the place I just was moments ago…

And I saw in the distance a flame of resistance, from where I just needed to go

I thought about a lot if I was there, and would have perished in the air, so I…

I decided to leave all the danger behind, so I wouldn’t end up there losing my life

So I entered the world in which I didn’t know, and just how far did I have to go?

It was many years later when I found the Creator, and He showed me all I needed to know…

And He gave me the wisdom to save a life here so I wouldn’t end up letting go…

So I pledged my life to just one, and He blessed us with a wonderful child

Look at the smile the he brings to our faces

One day he’ll be gone but I know in my heart, he’ll be with you in many places.

Again on the hilltop, watching the sunset, with my son sitting beside me

And he asked me a question, to inquire comprehension, he said, “Father, how long will you love me?”

I answered the best that I could, as long as my heart understood, I said, “Son, I’ll love you here,

And I’ll love you there. I’ll love you anywhere, anywhere, anywhere.”

He repeated the words like a song in his heart, and he fell on his knees and he said with his heart,