A Candle for Light

Written by Qodesh

 1. Well under candlelight we see…

So much more the world had for you and me.

And under candlelight we know…

We haven’t gone the farthest He will let us go.

 So understand a candle light…

Is understanding when you shine it just right



So here we are all of us together!

This golden light cannot be broken.

So hear me out ‘til all my words are spoken.

We are a candle for light.


2. Well under candlelight we feel

So much love and it has been revealed

In such a way

That we feel we will never walk away




3. Well many times we’ve seen a candle

And many times we will again

But when I look at you I see so much more

I see a light unto the end


(We are a candle for light)…2x